Smart Headphone

Achieve Your Best Sleep

Fall asleep easily

Wake up naturally

Sleep Analysis

And Sleep Advice

This smart headphone can monitor your sleep
when you use with Sleepace App together. 1st
time to know your sleep status, read professional
sleep advice, Improve sleep quality day by day.

Music Stops


When you listen to the built-in music in Sleepace
APP and activate Sleep monitoring function, the
music will stop automatically once detect you have
fall alsleep.

Wake Up At

The Lightest Sleep

The Sleepace App allows you to set your
alarm and will wake you when you are at
the lightest part of your sleep within the
time you set and let you feel refresh.

Great for Rest & Sleep

The smart headphone can be used in travel time, dorm life,
and help to make your relax while listening to the Sleepace
relaxation music.

Keep Your Sleep Cool&Clean

Smart Headphone

Achieve Your Best Sleep