Sleepace App

Sleepace owns an international leading technology of Sleep monitoring. It Accurately measures your heart rate, breath rate, turning over, left bed, body movement and ratio of light, mid and deep sleep. The APP automatically generates daily, weekly and monthly sleep reports which can be effortlessly retrieved at any time. You can also share your sleep analysis with your family and friends of Sleepace products.

Real-time monitor

Records heart rate, respiratory rate, as well as how many times you turn over or leave the bed in real time.

Historical data and trend analysis

Make data simpler and easier to understand in a graph by analyzing, reviewing daily, weekly, monthly sleep data.

Sleep advice and service

Professional sleep advice and service provided to achieve your best sleep.

Smart alarm to wake you up

Being awoken from light sleep vs. deep sleep leaves you feeling more refreshed

Social Media Sharing

Share your sleep status and get your friends and family involved. Show them how to feel better and get healthier.


Sleepace is a global company and a leader in sleep monitoring technology.