Sleep Light

Sleepace Sleep Light

New gadget to help achieve your best sleep

Sleep Better

Sleepace Sleep Light is designed to monitor, track and improve sleep quality. The smart sleep light will help you fall asleep easily with soothing light and sound and wake up naturally with smart alarm.

Fall Asleep Easily With Soothing Light And Sound

Sleepace Sleep Light provides you with light and sound programs that will adapt to your personal body clock and positively impact your sleeping conditions. The light technology is designed to produce red wavelengths, which can raise the secretion of melatonin and delicate, soothing sounds are played to help you fall asleep easily. Sleepace App will tell the smart sleep light to turn off once you’ve fallen asleep.

Smart Alarm To Wake You Up naturally

Being awoken from light sleep vs. deep sleep leaves you feeling more refreshed. Sleepace App will let the smart light know when you are at the lightest part of your sleep cycle and the smart light will wake you up within 30 minutes prior to the time you set. That way, you wake up at the right time for you.asleep easily. Sleepace App will tell the smart light to turn off once you’ve fallen asleep.

Measure Your Sleep Accurately

Sleepace App can track your sleep cycle and body movement. The data generated from the Sleepace App provides comprehensive sleep analysis and scores your sleep quality. The App will share personalized daily reminders with you, designed to help you form healthier sleeping habits.

Track Your Bedroom Environment

Sleepace Sleep Light contains sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and pick up ambient light and noise in your bedroom. Combined with Sleepace App’s sleep data, you can understand how your bedroom environment impacts your sleep quality.

The Individual Analysis Makes It Easy To Achieve Your Best Sleep

Sleep Facts Wiki, Sleep Analysis and Sleep Advice – all in the palm of your hand

Your Own Personal Sleep and Health Consultant

With the data collected from Sleepace App and Sleepace Sleep Light , it will help users understand how their bedroom environment impacts their sleep quality and make smart suggestions to improve their sleeping experience.