• 1What can we do when WIFI pairing fails?

    Press volume- and light- at the same time, to enter AP mode. The screen will show 88:88. Then turn on WLAN on your phone to see if sleepace Nox can be searched. If yes,connect it.

  • 2Does Nox and your phone have to be connected to WIFI to work?

    No necessarily. Nox can work individually. But if you use Nox with Sleepace App to monitor your sleep status, it should be connected to WIFI all the time.

  • 3Can I turn off my phone when Nox is working?

    Yes. The sleep-aid function will stop at your set time and the smart alarm will wake you at the time you set time if Nox works by itself,but sleep data and environmental data cannot be tracked.

  • 4How to customize the sleep-aid and smart alarm music?

    At this point, Nox is unable to support user uploaded music. But you can select music from Sleepace App.

  • 5The WIFI indicator of Nox is on but can not be connected.

    Please check your WIFI and try to restart the router and Nox.

  • 6Does the sleep monitoring stop automatically if I do not push“Get Up” (or shut off the alarm on Nox)?

    No, If you use Nox with your phone to monitor your sleep, you have to stop the monitoring through the App (or shut off the alarm on Nox). But if you are using Nox with another Sleepace product (such as the RestOn) the monitoring will stop automatically one hour after you have left the bed, even if you have not selected “Get Up”(orshut off the alarm on Nox)

  • 7The APP firmware update fails

    1. Restarted the Nox or the router.
    2.Capture the picture during updating. Send us the picture and router module, and try to recover the router to factory setting.(Make sure you have remember the online accout and password, and know how to configurate the router)

  • 8How to change the clock in Nox to 12 hour/24-hour format?

    You can set the time format in your phone and then log in your Sleepce APP again. The clock in Nox will in sync with your phone.

  • 9How to choose the light colors?

    You can set differect colors in your app while connnecting to the Nox light.

  • 10What parameters can Nox monitor?

    Nox can be used individually to monitor environmental parameters, such as Temperature, Humidity, Lightness and Noise. If Nox is connected to Sleepace APP in your phone, it can monitor your sleep cycle parameters like sleep time and sleep depth. If Nox is used with RestOn and connected to Sleepace App in your phone, it can monitor physical parameters like heart rate and breath rate.

  • 11What kind of smart phones does the Nox support?

    The Nox Smart Sleep Light is able to support smart phones on iOS 7.0 or later as well as Android 4.3 or later. Please make sure that your phone is be in of the otiginal OS.

  • 1Does a RestOn can be used more than one person?

    In generally, one account can binding one device only and monitor one person's data at the same time, but I have a suggestion for you, you can login account A when you monitor A, and login account B when you monitor B

  • 2How to unbinding or resetting RestOn?

    Main menu->My device-> Disconnected

  • 3Why app can not monitor my sleep data?

    1. RestOn able to support smart phones on iOS 7.0 or later and Android 4.3 or later as well as bluetooth 7.0;
    2. please provide your phone model;
    3. please make sure your app and firmware to the latest version;
    4. Restarted app and connect via bluetooth to check whether there is any data.

  • 4There is real-time monitor data but no sleep report, what am i doing wrong?

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you plz advise us when does this issue happen? How many nights that you could not got your tracking analysis data? BTW, for checking the data, you have to click start and connect Bluetooth, after saw the real-time monitoring, you can log out and even can close Bluetooth. What you only have to do is logining APP and connect the device in the morning, click stop, you will get a "NEW" mark on daily report. We will launch a new firmware recently, which is doing testing in our own staff right now, plz update it when you get the notice and see if this issue is solved.

  • 51.I can not get the daily, weekly report but only real-time data. 2. I started monitoring before went to sleep.when I woke up and wanted to see how it was,I saw nothing on the app..except to start monitoring.There was no data.Did I use the APP in a wrong way?

    After you get up in the morning, you have to click stop, then you will get the daily report.

  • 6Hi there, unable to update firmware and it keeps staying at 0% for hours( Iphone 6)

    May we know if you have connected with Bluetooth from APP? BTW, plz update the APP, we have launched a new version.

  • 7The data is all wrong... How can this be real time monitoring if nobody is near the sensor?

    Could you plz advise us if there were any vibration around you?What's more, we will launch a new firmware recently and plz update it.Please feel free to contact us if there is further problem.

  • 8How long does it upload data?

    The data transfers via bluetooth, you need to click "get up "in app when you get up,and you will see the whole sleep report after 5-10 seconds.

  • 9Your initial campaign indicated that your device would be able to focus in on a single user, even when another person in bed with you, but wasn’t on the sensor. My husband can’t be anywhere in bed, including huddled up in the corner (nowhere near the sensor) and have it not register. I am trying to figure out a way to make it work on our standard Queen sized bed,but it doesn't work.

    About this issue, we wanna do more explanation as follows.
    1. RestOn works well if two sleepers in one bed, if you are lying on the mattress with sensor directly, your Physiological signal is the strongest one to sensor, so your husband's signal near you is very weak. In this case, RestOn will not record his signal in.
    2.While, if you left bed, the signal from your husband becomes the strongest one, which may influence monitoring. That is why your husband stays on bed, RestOn still records breath and heart rate.
    Conclusion: Sensor will only judge the strongest signal of the two sleepers, the one beside you only has less influence, therefore, we can still say that the user can get the accurate monitor data.

  • 10It can not see directly from the app about the power consumption situation.

    You can see power status on the app.It is in "my device"

  • 11Does RestOn has a accuracy of monitoring data in app?

    Our Reston has an accuracy of 95% when compared with medical oximeter, almost the most accurate monitoring in the field of the intelligent hardware all over the world.

  • 12Is it including battery, if yes, how long does it needs to charge?

    Yes, it including battery, RestOn just need to charge once a month, and about 2 hours every time, when in charging, it shows a solid red, and turn into solid green when charging complete.

  • 13Will it work with any kind of bed?

    RestOn works well with all kinds of mattresses including foam, memory foam, waterbed, spring bed etc.

  • 14Does RestOn can track my nap?

    Yes, but it have to stay in bed more than 3 hours.

  • 1What are the functions of Sleep Dot?

    1. Monitoring function. Everyday when you wake up, sleepace app will visualize your psychological parameter such as duration of deep sleep and light sleep, body movement etc,to help you get a better sleep experience.
    2. Sleep report. To analyze your sleep quality according to the monitoring parameter from sleepace app, which daily, weekly, monthly sleep report will be available, to help you analyze your sleep trend to discover the potential disease.
    3. Sleep tips. According to your sleep status, sleepace app will offer professional sleep tips to help you improve your sleep quality.
    4. Sleep aid music. Patented Della sleep aid music will help you fall asleep easily.
    5. Smart alarm. Sleepace Dot will wake you up slowly at the lightest stage of your sleep by playing soothing music. If used with other sleepace monitoring products (such as Nox smart light) will have a more comprehensive monitoring to achieve your best sleep.

  • 2How does Sleep Dot monitoring sleep?

    By simply attaching the Sleep Dot to the pillow, activating the device, then you can start monitoring. Data transmission is via Bluetooth. In sleepace app, you can check your sleep report and improvement suggestion everyday. It will help you improve your sleep quality.

  • 3Can I close the app and turn off mobile when sleep dot is at work?

    Sleep Dot can work alone, after binding and configuring successfully for the first time, you can close the app and turn off mobile.You just need to double-click your Dot when you want to check the report of sleep in sleepace app, technology makes life more simple.

  • 4What the crowd does Sleep Dot goes for?

    Sleep Dot is applicable to people for all ages.

  • 5Where can I download the application?

    There are three ways to download the Sleepace App: 1. Download via www.mysleepace.com; 2. Search in App Store or android application market for download. 3. Scan the QR code in user manual.

  • 6How long is the warranty for Sleep Dot.

    One year.

  • 7Where is the place of use?

    Slide the magnetic cover off, clip your Sleep Dot to the corner of your pillowcase and snap the magnet back on (Note: The thickness of your pillowcase should be less than 2mm)

  • 8Does it safe when put beside the pillow, and is it has a radiation?

    The power supply mode of Sleep Dot button cell is CR2032 which only 3V, is far less than absolute safety voltage 12V; In addition, the Sleep Dot has a built-in data storage so that you just need to open the bluetooth transmission when you want to, that makes it comparatively no radiation.

  • 9How long is the battery life?

    Over three months.

  • 10What can I do when the battery is out of power, can I buy it on the market?

    Yes, the button cell can be found at the supermarket.

  • 11How long does the data can be saved?

    70 hours /time, and all your data will be saved in the cloud where you can check it freely for three years.

  • 12How to present the data?

    1. Sleep Dot collects the data, then transmitted via bluetooth, sleepace app will analyze and show it.
    2. Nox can monitor your sleep activities like Sleep Dot, and it can interact with Sleep Dot when transmit data to the APP.

  • 13Does the monitoring data accurate?

    We have 95% accuracy when comparing with professional medical devices.

  • 14What’s the size of the Sleep Dot?

    Size: 33.3mm*33.3mm*13.2mm weight: 15g
    Packing size: 141mm*70mm*28mm weight: 28g

  • 15Does it easily fall off?

    No, it is stable enough.

  • 16Is it being considered to away from the bed if my head away from the pillow?

    It will be called the data exception.

  • 17Does the data can synchronize automatically, if not, how to do that?

    The data can’t synchronize automatically, and you have to knock Sleep Dot twice.

  • 18I don’t know should I buy it or not.

    First, Price: the starting price only $ 12, and it would never have again.
    Second,Expectation: there are only $ 12, you can express your caring to the person you love.

  • 19Which side of the sleepdot is positive?

    It will have a “+”in the positive side.

  • 20How to install Sleep Dot?

    Put the button cell into the sleepdot, when the green light flashing shows it successful.

  • 21How to bind the Sleep Dot?

    1. The new user directly binding after login 2. Click “my device” to add device, then knock sleepdot twice to wake it up(activate it.)

  • 1What Nox music can be done if no app?

    Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy your favorite music from your phone; change color, adjust brightness and volume, play and pause the music, start up & turn off by waving your hand.

  • 2Does the phone can be turned off when Nox music is working?

    It can not be turned off if you need the monitor function,but you can open the airplane mode to monitor.

  • 3How to solve the problem with music stuttering?

    Pls reset your Nox Music Light.

  • 4What is the monitor principle of your Nox Music?

    To analyze your sleep condition by monitor your body movement through acceleration sensor in mobile phone ;To achieve sleep-aid function and wake up function by bluetooth interaction between the light and phone.

  • 5Can I play the music when it is off the network?

    Yes, you can play the music in your phone through bluetooth.

  • 6Why the price difference so much between Nox and Nox Music?

    Nox has a sensor for environmental monitoring,a clock display in light body,the feather-touch button which on the top of light body and the data transmission with wifi. Nox Music hasn't these functions, so the price will be less.

  • 7I cann't play the music even if connected successfully.

    Firstly,ensure you have connected the bluetooth of light(it is "Nox 902B Music xxx")already;Secondly, pls check your volume button whether in the lowest, and press the volume increase key untill you hear the voice.

  • 8How many alarm can I set?

    You can set five alarms at most.

  • 9Sometimes the music will star suddenly.

    You may have a misoperation in the hovering gesture area when music remains paused.

  • 10Why smart sleep scene can not turn off the light and music automatically?

    You can set a sleep schedule into the sleep scene, then,the light and music will turn off automatically.

  • 11The monitored sleep time is not accurate.

    If you sleep with another one,pls put your phone away from another person.

  • 12Sometimes I can not connect the device and update the firmware,even can not search it out.

    Pls shut down and restart your light and bluetooth.