• 1What can I do if Wi-Fi pairing fails?

    Make sure your Wi-Fi network is stably working. Restart the device. Open Sleepace App, sign in or finish the registration, then follow the instruction to finish the Nox pairing process.
    You could also connect another smartphone's hotspot(which is not connecting to any Wi-Fi), then start the pairing process.
    If the pairing fails, please change another Wi-Fi network or use another smartphone to verify whether the problems are related to hardware. If so, please contact your dealer or the shop where you bought the Nox from and ask for warranty services.

  • 2Do Nox and my phone need to be connected to Wi-Fi to work?

    Not necessarily. However, if you are pairing the app and Nox, or using Nox with the Sleepace app to monitor your sleep, then Wi-Fi connection is always recommened.

  • 3Can I turn off my phone when Nox is working?

    Yes. However, the Sleep-Aid function will stop, and the Smart Alarm will wake you up at the set time. If you use the Nox only, your sleep-cycle and sleep-depth data will not be tracked, and the Smart Alarm function will be off.

  • 4How can I customize the Sleep-Aid and Smart Alarm music/sounds?

    Unfortunately, at this point, Nox is unable to support user-uploaded music. But you can select different music and sounds from the Sleepace App.

  • 5The Wi-Fi indicator on Nox shows that I am connected, but I am not. What can I do?

    Please check your Wi-Fi and make sure your connection is stably working. Try to restart the router and your Nox, then connect again.

  • 6Does the sleep monitoring stop automatically if I do not push 'Get Up' or shut off the alarm on my Nox?

    No, if you use Nox with your phone to monitor your sleep, you would need to stop the monitoring in the App (or shut off the alarm on the Nox). If you are using Nox with the RestOn Sleep Tracker, the monitoring will stop automatically one hour after you have left the bed, even if you have not selected “Get Up” or shut off the alarm on your Nox.

  • 7What if my App firmware update fails?

    1.Check your phone to see if it has enought storage space
    2.Restart the Nox and your router
    3.Reset the router to factory setting (make sure you have your account information and password, and know how to configure your router)
    Make sure your phone is running the latest firmware
    Uninstall the App and reinstall it
    If problem persists, please contact customer support

  • 8How do I change the clock format in Nox?

    You can set the time format in your phone settings. Connect your Nox device and the Sleepace APP, the clock in Nox will automatically sync with the time settings in your phone.

  • 9How do I choose the light colors?

    You can select different colors in Sleepace App. Please go to 'Light' - 'Color', and the Nox provides 16 million color options.

  • 10What parameters can Nox monitor?

    Nox can be used individually to monitor environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, light levels and noise. If Nox is connected to the Sleepace APP on your phone, it can monitor your sleep cycle parameters like sleep time and sleep depth. If Nox is used with RestOn and connected to the Sleepace App in your phone, it can monitor physical parameters like heart rate and breath rate.

  • 11What kind of smart phones does Nox support?

    The Nox Smart Sleep Light is compatible with smart phones on iOS 7.0 or later as well as Android 4.3 or later.

  • 12Nox keeps ringing the wake-up alarm, what is happening?

    Please turn off the alarm directly instead of keeping the Snooze Mode on. When the Snooze Mode is on, your Nox will keep ringing every 9 mins and lasts for 8 mins every time. You could snooze for 5 times in one alarm.

  • 13Can we adjust the small monitor's brightness? It affects my sleep in the dark bedroom environment.

    You could turn off the small monitor in Sleepace app's device settings. However, currently the app do not support to change the monitor's brightness.

  • 14What's the battery usage and data usage when I use my smart phone to work with Nox for sleep monitoring?

    When you are using smart phone as the sleep monitoring device, the battery usage would be approximately 30% (iOS and Android), and the data usage would be only around 15kb per night.

  • 15Does the Nox use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when using?

    Currently, the Nox is designed to use Bluetooth to connect the RestOn Sleep Tracker, and use the Wi-Fi to connect the Sleepace app and the cloud server. Your smart phone and Sleepace app control the Nox via cloud server.

  • 16Can I turn on the Flight Mode when Sleepace app is monitoring?

    Yes you can. However, the Smart Alarm function would not be effective then.

  • 17Can't find my Wi-Fi when pairing the Nox and the Sleepace app. What should I do?

    The reasons might be:
    1.Nox only supports the 2.4GHz frequency range, please make sure you router is correctly set.
    2.If you've hidden the Wi-Fi's SSID, please choose 'add other Wi-Fi networks' during the configuration.
    3.Please make sure your smart phone's OS is the original version, or it might not be compatible.

  • 18What should I do when the firmware updating fails?

    1.Restart your Nox or the router for a few times.
    2.Use another Wi-Fi network, or use another phone/computer to generate a hotspot, let your Nox connect the hotspot and try again.

  • 1What if there are two people in bed when I'm using RestOn?

    The RestOn sleep tracker device is designed to remain accuracy when there are 2 people in bed, our patented algorithm assures this feature. However, please use the RestOn properly on one's side instead of 2 people covering the RestOn at the same time.

  • 2How do I disconnect/reset my RestOn?

    Please open the Sleepace App, go to the main menu -> Device -> RestOn -> Delete Device

  • 3Why is the Sleepace App not recording my sleep data?

    RestOn is compatible with smart phones on iOS 7.0 or later and Android 4.3 or later as well as Bluetooth 7.0. Please make sure your connection between the device and phone is working well. If it still fails to generate sleep report, please make sure your Sleepace App and device's firmware are both updated to newest version. Also, please try to restart the Sleepace App, connect the device via Bluetooth and check if you can access the data.

  • 4I can see real-time monitoring data, but no sleep report. Are there anything wrong?

    The sleep report need data for a certain amount of time, you would receive your sleep report when you wake up in the morning and click 'GET UP' in the app.

  • 5How long does it take to upload my sleep data?

    The data transfers via Bluetooth. Please click 'GET UP' in your App when you wake up and your report will be generated within 5 to 10 seconds.

  • 6How to check my RestOn's battery life?

    Open your App, go to 'Device' -> RestOn -> Battery

  • 7What is the accuracy of the RestOn?

    Compared to professional medical devices(Embla N700 PSG), our devices are of 95% accuracy.

  • 8Does RestOn have a built-in battery and if so, how often do I charge it?

    Yes, RestOn does have a built-in battery. One charge lasts for about 30 days and it needs to be charged for about two hours every time(from low to full). You will see the light turns red when charging. Once the charging is completed, the light turns to green.

  • 9Will my RestOn work with any kind of bed?

    Yes, absolutely. RestOn works laying on top of any mattress types, including foam, memory foam, waterbed, spring etc.

  • 10Can I monitor napping with the RestOn?

    Technically the answer is YES. However, a sleep report would be generated only when the monitoring duration lasts more than 3 hours. We do not suggest using the RestOn to monitor your napping due to the situation is not very practical.

  • 11Can I close the Sleepace App and turn off my phone when the RestOn is monitoring my sleep?

    Absolutely. Once the RestOn is connected and configured, you can close the Sleepace App and turn off you phone. When you are ready to retrieve your sleep report, just open the Bluetooth and the Sleepace App to sync the sleep data, and the sleep report will be generated automatically.

  • 12RestOn is very close to my body when using, are there any radiation issue that might affect my health?

    The RestOn have serval world-wide authentic certifications related to radiation issue, such as SRRC, CE and so on. Actually the radiation of RestOn is only one of dozens of a smart phone, therefore we don't need to worry about it.

  • 13What kind of people are recommended to use RestOn?

    Any person who is older than 8. Also, it is a great gift for your family members.

  • 14Can I control the RestOn in a long range?

    The RestOn is connected to your smart phone and Sleepace App via Bluetooth, the effective distance is no more that 10 meters. You could control your RestOn by your smart phone within this distance.

  • 15My smart phone fails to connect the RestOn, what should I do?

    1.Make sure your RestOn is correctly turn-on
    2.Make sure your smart phone is keeping close to the RestOn within 10m, and within 5m is way better.
    3.Make sure your RestOn's battery life is ok.
    4.Use the Sleepace App to search the RestOn and connect, instead of searching it in the smart phone's Bluetooth settings. Also, please avoid using a third-party tool or scanning a QR code for connection.

  • 16My RestOn fails to activate the monitoring automatically according to a set timing, why?

    1.If you did not go to bed 4 hours later than the set timing, then you need to click Start Sleep in the Sleepace App to start sleep monitoring.
    2.If you set a time earlier than current timing, the auto-monitoring function will work in the next day.

  • 17How long will my sleep data be stored?

    The RestOn can store the sleep data up to 6 months before it needs to be synced with the Sleepace App. All your data will then be stored in the cloud for up to three years when transferred to the Sleepace App.

  • 18Can I share my sleep data/report to my family and friends?

    Yes of course, to enjoy this feature, please let your family member or friends use the Sleepace App and add your account as 'friend', so that they could follow up your sleep report in the next day.

  • 19Are there any advantages comparing RestOn and Beddit?

    1.RestOn's sensor belt is 5 inches longer, which means a better compatibility to more situation.
    2.RestOn has built-in battery and lasts for 1 month's usage after fully charged, meanwhile Beddit needs to connect to the power supply when using.

  • 20Does the RestOn work with other smart home devices?

    Currently the RestOn could work with our Nox N100/N101 Smart Sleep Light. We are working to add more smart home devices connection feature into RestOn, and aims to let RestOn be one of the main devices in a future smart home.

  • 1What are the functions of Sleep Dot?

    1.Sleep Monitoring. Every day when you wake up, the Sleepace App will display your sleep parameters, such as duration of deep sleep and light sleep, body movement etc. for a better sleep experience
    2.Sleep Report. Daily, weekly and monthly reports through the Sleepace App to analyze your sleep quality and sleep trends to discover potential health issues
    3.Sleep Tips. Professional tips and advice on how to improve your sleep quality will be offered in the Sleepace App, directly relating to your current sleep status
    4.Sleep-Aid Music and Sounds. Soothing sounds and music in the Sleepace App will help you fall asleep easily
    5.Smart Alarm. The Sleepace App will wake you up slowly at the lightest stage of your sleep by playing soft sounds or music.(via your smart phone or other Sleepace products)

  • 2How does Sleep Dot monitor my sleep?

    Simply attach the Sleep Dot to the top corner of your pillow, install the Sleepace App on your smart phone and you are ready to monitor your sleep. The data transfer would be done via Bluetooth and in the Sleepace App, you can check your sleep reports, tips and suggestions daily to improve your sleep quality.

  • 3Can I close the App and turn off my phone when the Sleep Dot is monitoring my sleep?

    Absolutely. Once the Sleep Dot is connected and configured, you can close the Sleepace App and turn off you phone. When you are ready to retrieve your sleep report, just tap the Dot twice or shake it to initiate the syncing process.

  • 4Who can/can't use the Sleep Dot?

    The Sleep Dot is great for people who are 12 years and older. Since the magnetic backing of the Dot is relatively small it shall not be used by infants, toddlers or small children therefore to avoid accidental swallowing.

  • 5Where to download the Sleepace App?

    There are three ways to download the Sleepace App:
    1.visit www.sleepace.com
    2.in App Store or Google Play Store
    3.scan the QR code in the user manual

  • 6How long is your warranty for the Sleep Dot?

    One year. Please ask your dealers or the shop where you bought the Sleep Dot for warranty services.

  • 7How do I put the Sleep Dot on my pillow?

    Slide the magnetic back-cover off, clip your Sleep Dot to the upper corner of your pillowcase and snap the magnet back on (Note: Your pillowcase should be less than 2mm thick).

  • 8Is the Sleep Dot safe to be placed next to my head and are there any radiation issues?

    Yes, it's very safe. The Sleep Dot is powered by a button cell (CR2032) which is only 3V, it is far less than the official safety voltage requirement of 12V. Since the Sleep Dot has built-in data storage, you only need to use your Bluetooth for actual data transmission when you wake up. The Bluetooth is turned off during your sleep.

  • 9How long is the battery life?

    Around 3 months. The Sleepace App will notify you when it is time to replace the battery (button cell type: CR2032).

  • 10How long will my sleep data be stored?

    The Sleep Dot can store the sleep data up to 7 days before it needs to be synced with the Sleepace App. All your data will then be stored in the cloud for up to three years when transferred to the Sleepace App.

  • 11How to see my sleep data?

    Sleep Dot collects the data and transmits it via Bluetooth to the Sleepace App. It will analyze the and generate the report. Please open your Sleepace app to see the details.

  • 12What's accuracy of the sleep monitoring?

    Our patented algorithm ensures its accuracy, and the Sleep Dots performance is much better than using a smart phone as the monitoring device.

  • 13What are the dimensions of the Sleep Dot?

    Size: 1.3 x 1.3 x 0.52 inches; weight: 0.53oz
    Packaging size: 12.6 x 3.43 x 5.91 inches; weight: 7.04oz

  • 14Will there be a problem if my head is too far away from my pillow?

    Yes, this is called a data exception. Being too far away from the pillow will make it difficult for the Sleep Dot to track your data accurately and the result will be somehow unreliable. Please follow the instructions provided in the user guide.

  • 15Does my sleep data sync automatically?

    Please tap or shake the Sleep Dot twice to initiate the syncing process.

  • 16How do I activate the Sleep Dot?

    Insert the battery in the Sleep Dot and snap the back in place. When the green light starts flashing, your installation was successful.

  • 17How do I connect the Sleep Dot with the Sleepace App?

    1.For new user, please create an account and follow the app's instructions.
    2.For registered user, please click 'My Device' to add the Sleep Dot, then tap or shake the Sleep Dot twice to activate it.

  • 18Should I connect the Internet when using the Sleep Dot?

    Not necessarily. You only need Internet connection when pairing or deleting the Sleep Dot in the Sleepace App. However, other usage in the Sleepace App might need Internet connection.

  • 19Can the Sleep Dot monitor my napping?

    A sleep report would be generated only when the monitoring duration lasts more than 3 hours. We do not suggest using the Sleep Dot to monitor your napping.

  • 20Can the Sleep Dot monitor/prevent the snoring problem?

    Sorry, currently the Sleep Dot does not support this feature.

  • 21I could not see the report in the next day's morning, what should I do?

    Please open the Bluetooth in your smart phone, then tap or shake the Sleep Dot twice to start the syncing process. If it fails, please provide:
    1.Account ID in the Sleepace app
    2.Sleep Dot's serial number
    3.The date that is missing

  • 22What does the green light indicate?

    1.When pairing the Sleep Dot and the Sleepace App, the green light is on and stays.
    2.When connecting and syncing sleep data, the green light blinks.
    3.When the Bluetooth of the Sleep Dot is off, the green light is off.

  • 23I can't update the Sleep Dot's firmware to newest version, what should I do?

    Please make sure your network is stably working. You could also try using another smart phone/laptop to generate a hotspot, and connect to your phone.

  • 24Can I use the Sleep Dot when there are 2 people in the bed?

    The Sleep Dot could only monitor 1 person's sleep data, please put the Sleep Dot properly on one side, and near the one who wants the sleep monitoring.

  • 25How does the Sleep Dot wake me up?

    Firstly you need to set a smart alarm in the Sleepace App, and the Sleep Dot will monitor your lightest sleep stage according to the time and time range you set, then send the Bluetooth signal to the Sleepace App to wake you up naturally.

  • 1What can Nox Music do if I don't have/use the Sleepace App?

    You can use the built-in Bluetooth speaker to listen to your favorite music on your phone. The gesture control feature enables you to change the light color between 16 million color options, or adjust the brightness and volume, or play and pause your music with a wave of your hand.

  • 2Can I turn off my phone when Nox Music is on?

    If you want to use the sleep monitoring function or change the Nox Music's settings, you would have to leave your phone on, however you could set your phone into the Flight Mode.

  • 3The music coming through the Bluetooth speaker sounds spotty. What can I do?

    Please reset your Nox Music and try again.

  • 4What can Nox Music do for my sleep?

    The accelerometer in your phone can analyze your sleep and monitor your body movement. In conjunction with Nox Music you will be able to utilize the Sleep-Aid function and the Wake-Up feature via Bluetooth connection.

  • 5I can't hear my music even though I connected successfully. How can I fix this?

    Make sure you are connected to the correct device via Bluetooth ("Nox 902B Music xxx") and check your volume settings.

  • 6How many alarms can I set on my Nox Music?

    You can set a maximum of 5 alarms.

  • 7Sometimes the music will start suddenly. Why is this happening?

    This might be a temporary glitch in the gesture control field. Please restart your Nox Music and the Sleepace App.

  • 8Why won't the light and sound turn off automatically when I set my Smart Sleep Scene?

    Please set a Sleep Schedule in you sleep scene ff you would like the sound and light to turn off automatically.

  • 9The sleep monitoring time is not accurate. Why?

    If you are sharing your bed with your partner and he/she is too close to you, the device might be unable to distinguish between you and your partner. Please make sure to keep your phone a proper distance away from your partner to avoid data contamination.

  • 10Sometimes I cannot connect to my Nox Music, or update the firmware, or find the device via Bluetooth. How can I fix this?

    1.Please restart your Nox Music and your smart phone's Bluetooth
    2.Please make sure your network connection is stably working

  • 11Can I use the Nox Music along with the Sleep Dot or the RestOn sleep tracker?

    Sorry, currently the Nox Music does not support to use with Sleep Dot or the RestOn sleep tracker, it works with Sleepace app at the moment.

  • 12How to change the light's color?

    You could change the light's color via Sleepace app or by hand gesture (wave).

  • 13What's the difference between Nox and Nox Music?

    Nox could monitor the temperature / humidity / environment brightness data, while Nox Music could not. However, Nox Music could be used as a Bluetooth speaker, and has more sleep-aid music options.

  • 14Nox Music could not connect the Bluetooth after storing factory setting, what should I do?

    Please delete your device(s) in the Sleepace app, then restart the app and pair the device again.

  • 15My Nox's alarm clock is not ringing, what happened?

    There might be various reasons to cause this problem:
    1.Please check your Sleepace app's settings if the volume has been set to the lowest level.
    2.If you choose Smart Alarm function when setting the alarm, the alarm would not ring at the exact time you set, but your lightest sleeping stage according the alarm time and time range you set. Please do not choose Smart Alarm function if you want the alarm to ring at the exact moment.
    3.There might be some problems with the hardware, please restart the Nox Music and the app to try again or go for warranty services.

  • 16I can't change alarm's ringtone, what should I do?

    Please make sure your smart phone is connected to data network or Wi-Fi, and the connection works well.

  • 17Why can I only wave my hand to change the light's color, not the music tracks?

    Please open Sleepace app, go to your Nox Music's device settings, and change your desired settings in the gesture control. If it fails, please long push the reset button and do the procedure again.

  • 1What are the main functions of Nox Aroma?

    Nox Aroma aims to relax your body and mind by aromatic scents, also it could help you to sleep easier.
    Nox Aroma could be used as a Bluetooth speaker, you could play the sleep-aid music and sound effects through our Sleepace app.

  • 2What kinds of aroma do you have?

    We have 3 kinds of aroma: Lavender, Orange Blossom, Jasmine.
    Lavender aroma could calm your mind and helps you to sleep easier.
    Orange Blossom aroma could relieve the stress and adjust your mood.
    Jasmine aroma could give you a soothing, comfortable feeling, therefore to remove pressure.

  • 3What are the aroma capsules made from? How do they affect my health?

    The aroma capsules are made from the combination of essence and silica gel blocks. The raw materials of the essence are mostly natural, and originate from Egypt and France.
    The aroma capsules acquire the MSDS certification and the REACH certification, which are both world-wide authentic qualifications. Also, the Nox Aroma device acquires CE, FCC, 3C qualification, which proves that it is harmless to people by various authentic standards.
    However, if you are allergic to these aroma scents, we strongly suggest that not using this product and follow your doctor's instructions.

  • 4How long does the aroma scent remains?

    One single aroma capsule could last for about 30 hours, so that you could use it for a month if you use it 1 hour per day.

  • 5Where to buy a refill?

    You could visit the shop where you purchased the Nox Aroma or Amazon.com to buy a refill.

  • 6What is the size of Nox Aroma?

    The size of Nox Aroma is 122.7mm*122.7mm*133.9mm (4.83in*4.83in*5.27in)

  • 7Can I use it outdoors?

    Sorry, Nox Aroma currently supports indoor using only. Please connect the device to power supply when using.

  • 8What's the difference between Nox Aroma and other Nox series products?

    Nox Aroma adds the aroma function based on the features of Nox Music Smart Sleep Light.

  • 9Does the Nox Aroma fit for reading?

    Sorry, Nox Aroma is not designed for reading. The light is rather soft and tender, that fits for a night lamp or a yoga ambient light.

  • 10Why there is some slightly sounds when I turn on the aroma mode?

    That is sound of the fan in the device. The fan is used for spreading the aroma into the air. You could lower the speed in the app for less sounds.

  • 11How to use the aroma capsules? / How to change the refill?

    Please follow the instructions printed in the user guide / on the package

  • 12What's the lumen of Nox Aroma?

    Nox Aroma's lumen is 201ux.

  • 13How does the indicator light work?

    The indicator light will turn green when the aroma mode is on, and it will be off in any other circumstances.

  • 14Does Nox Aroma have the alarm function?

    Yes, it has. To use the alarm function properly, you should make sure your Nox Aroma is connected to the Sleepace app, then set the alarm / smart alarm in the app. Once you set the alarm successfully, your Nox Aroma will remember and apply the alarm even you phone is off.

  • 15How to restore to the factory setting?

    Please push the center button and hold it for 5 seconds to restore to the factory setting.